A double celebration at Biyaagozhoo Education Center

Biyaagozhoo Education Center and Gila County Adult Education Program celebrate and honor the achievements of their graduates. In the front row are Master Teacher and Corrections Adult Education Coordinator Rowena Dosela, GED Pathway graduate Gerrick Fields and GED Pathway graduate Terry Steve Goseyun. In the back row are Myron Moses, Executive Director, San Carlos Adult / Juvenile Rehabilitation and Detention Center; Steven Pahe Jr., Grant Coordinator, San Carlos Wellness Center; Trent Lyon, Gila County Associate Superintendent of Schools; Captain Antoinette Henry, Juvenile Corrections Manager; Cindy Fisher-Smith, Executive Assistant to the Gila County Superintendent of Schools; Mike Kim, Instructor, San Carlos Apache College; and Tanya Gantt, SPED Teacher and Adult Education Instructor.

On Oct. 16, 2023, Biyaagozhoo Education Center (BGEC) in San Carlos, Arizona, held a High School Equivalency (HSE) Graduation Ceremony for two of its students in the Gila County Adult Education Program. Terry Steve Goseyun successfully passed the five GED tests (reasoning through language arts, social studies, math, science, and civics) required to obtain an HSE diploma through GED Pathway on Aug. 29, 2023. He is now preparing to take online classes in spring 2024 with San Carlos Apache College. Likewise, Gerrick Fields successfully completed the GED tests and was credentialed on Oct. 5, 2023. 

Not only did BGEC celebrate the graduation of its two students, but also its re-accreditation and re-certification by Cognia Global Accreditation Commission, as announced by Master Teacher and Corrections Adult Education Coordinator Rowena Dosela. Cognia is a nonprofit organization that provides quality assurance for schools, school districts, and education service providers. Cognia nationally recognizes entities that meet rigorous standards on productive learning environments, equitable resource allocation that meets learners’ needs, and effective leadership. Earning accreditation from the Cognia Global Accreditation Commission means that BGEC is recognized across the nation as a school that complies with Cognia Standards of Quality and is committed to continuous improvement.

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