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Santa's Visit to the Train Depot

The big guy himself stopped by the depot with some sad news, but he wanted to double check last year’s naughty and nice list and give us some pointers on staying healthy this year. He promised that his elves and reindeer were wearing their masks and working just as hard as ever making toys and gifts. He said to make sure to let the kiddos know that he will pile up his sleigh and still be there to visit every kid on Christmas Eve. He said he would miss all of the hugs this year, but to keep the letters coming and he will keep checking the mail to read them all. He wished us all a very Merry Christmas for 2020, and hopes we all take good care of each other. He promised to send his elf “Sparkles” to keep checking in on us to make sure we were being good. So let’s watch out for “Sparkles” in the next few weeks; maybe he will leave us some surprises. We at the Globe Downtown Association will miss your beautiful faces this year, but will have plenty of cocoa ready next year to celebrate your return. Merry Christmas to All.