Tribe member, HIV survivor completes L.A. Marathon

San Carlos Apache Tribal member Isadore Boni shows off his finisher’s medal after completing his second full marathon since taking up running in 2010. Boni is an HIV survivor and wants to share his story to provide hope for other people living with HIV. Photo provided.

On Sunday, March 24, San Carlos Apache Tribe member Isadore Boni completed his first Los Angeles Marathon (26.2 miles). According to Boni, he has run eight half-marathons and three full marathons to date since he was diagnosed with HIV in 2002.

“I’ve been living in Phoenix since my diagnosis and went public … in 2004,” Boni stated in an email. “I’ve been speaking nationwide since and took up running in 2010.”

He added that he wants to provide hope to people living with HIV and “show that anything is possible.”


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