Tigers win season opener againt Bisbee

#8 Sophomore Wendsler Nosie III makes the game-winning catch against Bisbee on Oct. 9.

The Globe Tigers beat Bisbee 20-14 in their first game of the season.

The excitement of the game came during the last few seconds. With 2.6 seconds on the clock, #7 Quarterback Caden Hansen on the run, threw a pass into the endzone meant for #8 Wendlser Nosie III, a Bisbee player tried for an interception but tipped the ball right into Nosie's hands for the game winning touchdown.

Hansen told the Arizona Silver Belt that he was thankful for his team, the offense was great and that last pass being caught by Nosie was amazing.

Coach Openshaw said that he has good players who work hard and by starting the season with a win that mirrored the loss they felt last year, is a good feeling and the confidence will help the team. This being their first game, they had to work out first game jitters that were seen throughout the game with high snaps and a few fumbles.

Nosie explained the last seconds of the game from his perspective to the Silver Belt saying that he understands the pressure Hansen was under because Nosie is also a QB. Nosie said he saw everyone going left, so he ran right to get open and as the player from Bisbee jumped to catch the pass, he saw one of two things happening. If it was caught the interception would be the end of the game, or the tip that would go right into his chest, winning the game 20-14.

The Tigers will be on the road next week at San Tan Charter.


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