Tigers routed at home by Alchesay Falcons

The Globe Tigers were trounced by the Alchesay Falcons in their first game 60-14 but managed some good play on Friday, Aug. 17.

The Tigers kicked off to the Falcons, who marched up the field gaining first down after first down until they scored their first touchdown. The Tigers managed to deny the Falcons the extra point.

Their possession fizzled out.

Almost every time Alchesay got the ball they went down field and scored. Time and again number 15, Tyreck Cosay would emerge from what looked like a dog pile, on his feet and raging for more yardage. According to Globe High School Principal Robert Armenta, the Globe lines, offensive and defensive, were simply pushed back by Alchesay.

The Tigers never let a rabbit loose to run multiple yards for a touchdown and were able to make some long runs of their own.

Neither team passed often but passing was almost the only way the Tigers were able to get anywhere. Lifting the ball above the hulking Alchesay defensive line carried risks of its own, of course. An early pass that had a trajectory like that of a volleyball was easy for Cosay to pick off. Other passes went better. In several plays quarterback, Caden Hansen had to cope with less than perfect hikes, which cost him valuable time.

Alchesay scored 22 points in the first quarter on the ground, and 22 more points in the second quarter. Globe managed their two touchdowns in the second quarter, leaving the score 44-14.

In the second half without the efforts of Cosay, who had rushed for 315 yards until midway into the third quarter, the Falcons were only able to score 16 more points.

The Tigers almost scored a third touchdown, falling short by a yard or two before having to surrender the ball on downs on their own 1-yard line.

Half time was enlivened by the cheer squad that included tiny elementary school students.










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