San Carlos wins three games in a week defeating Alchesay 3-0, Heritage Academy Laveen 3-2, and Desert Christian 3-1

In the game against their rival, Alchesay, San Carlos first lost the Junior Varsity game 0-2, and the first Varsity set was no blowout.  San Carlos was never more than five points ahead at any one point. It’s just that they were only behind by two points at the beginning of the set and two times they were behind by one near the end of the set (24-25 and 25-26). They were mostly ahead for the entire game until they finally won 28-26.

In this first set, junior, Shania Cassa SC6, served a three-point string to take San Carlos to a three-point lead 7-4. Sonnaya Upshaw’s serve brought the Braves to a five-point lead 12-8. And Courtney Henry scored four points to bring the score to 17-5. Another service by her brought the score to 21-17. But then Alchesay got the serve and tied the game 21-21.

Tracey Stanley put San Carlos ahead 24-22 but Alchesay scored two points to escape the game-point threat and pose on of their own, 24-25. San Carlos broke her serve and tied the game again. (25-25) Jaylynn Ailak, S10 lost serve and it was 25-26 game-point and the advantage was with Alchesay.

San Carlos broke Alchesay’s serve tying the game (26-26) and Courtney Henry made two points on her serve to win the game for the team 28-26.

The question was would the Braves tire and lose the second game as often happens to teams, especially after such a hard-fought opener.

But in the second game, things didn’t work out that way. Tracey Stanley made a point, lost her serve, and San Carlos broke Alchesay’s serve. Shania Cassa S10, lost a point on her serve bringing the score to 3-3. Then the Braves began making more points than Alchesay did on their serves. Alyssa Sneezy made two points. The next Alchesay server lost a point on her first serve, and Sonnaya Upshaw stepped forward and served for three points. Score: 9-4. 

The game continued with San Carlos ahead until the score was 13 to 11. At which point San Carlos’ Tracey Stanley scored 11 straight points till the score was 24-11. Alchesay broke her serve held the Braves off at game point four times until San Carlos scored the final point. (Score: 25-14)

The third game was more even if not more fruitful for Alchesay. They started strong with one four point run and another two point service before Shania Cassa and Alyssa Sneezy and the team were able to tie the score. (9-9).

Alchesay stayed right up and even went ahead 13-12, but Tahnia Lee and crew had other ideas. She took the score from a 13-13 tie to 17-13 before Alchesay briefly got the serve back. Then they would make a couple of points, and San Carlos would make a couple of points until the score was 21-18, the Braves broke an Eagle serve and Courtney Henry was put in to score three points to make the final score of 25-18. 

All during the games Braves’ Coach, Donna Antonio was teaching, demonstrating and just congratulating her team.  With servers who knew how to consistently get the ball over such as Lee and Stanley and Upshaw and others, the Braves prevailed.


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