San Carlos Braves get back to football

Susanne Jerome/Arizona Silver Belt A player jumps the gun and is off to do pushups at the San Carlos Braves football practice.

Coach Curtis Navaris and assistant coach Joel May ran a Mother-May-I style anti false start drill at football practice. The players were to burst from a three point stance when the coach shouted Go! (for a set number of times). Go on the third time after the coach had said wait for the fourth “Go!” and you join the group on the sidelines doing push-ups.

The basics and staying hydrated in the afternoon heat were the priorities. The players have not shaken out into positions yet and Coach May does not expect that to happen for a few weeks. Two girls have come out for the team. Kenya Starr is back and is joined by freshman, Tecora Rodriguez, who played in Jr. High. Even Kenya a 225 lb. is small compared to other linemen who didn’t appear to carry much fat for their size and seemed quick. Boys who are the size of the Sneezy brothers were throwing accurate long passes before the formal warm-ups began.

Nevaris and May who took over when Coach Pietila accepted a job as athletic director at Miami High School hope to continue and improve the Brave football tradition of hard charging in what is a minor sport for San Carlos High School. 

Since they won four games in 2013, the Braves have always won at least one game a season. In 2017 they beat two schools Santa Rita and Tombstone. The win-loss record does not reflect the thrills they gave the fans each year, but fans love it even more when they also win. This year Santa Rita, who won no games last year, seems a good prospect for a win so fans can look forward to a possible win right off the bat. San Carlos plays Santa Rita at Braves’ Stadium on Sept. 6 at 7 p.m.


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