Miami ‘Springs’ into baseball and softball season

Austin Higginbotham

It is fair to say that spring is right around the corner. It does not matter how many winter breezes and false springs we have, eventually, it will be spring weather and time for baseball. For the Miami Vandals that baseball fever is already in ‘full swing’. 

Skylar Rogers is in her senior year at Miami High School and tells us a little bit about herself; “I have played for the school all four years. I play first base and I am a pitcher. I expect a season of fast pitches and strike outs.” Skylar gives a big smile and turns back toward her teammates. The Vandal’s softball team has been practicing daily for their upcoming season. Scrimmages and early games begin the last weekend of February. You could feel the excitement and optimism with the team. The Silver Belt asked Skylar how she felt this year compared to previous years. She had a simple answer, “I expect to have my best season.”

Softball is not the only Spring sport that is gearing up. The Vandals baseball team has been hard at work with their training as well. The Silver Belt was able to catch up with Senior player Austin Higginbotham. Austin is a designated hitter for the Miami Vandals baseball team. We asked Austin what his expectations where for the coming season. “State Championship!” he exclaimed. “We got the team this year. We got to the first or second round of the playoffs last year.” There is no reason to doubt this team of men. It is the same coaches from the playoff bound football team and the same players from football and the playoff basketball team. Could baseball be the sport that gives Miami their State Championship this year? The players are putting in the work and they believe they can do it. The coaches are only expecting the best and the community optimism is high.


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