Local Sports On Hold… For Now

The Arizona Interscholastic Association has decided to let each school district make their own decision when it comes to school sporting activities. Each school district is responsible for their own choice to host, compete or participate in any sporting events. In an attempt to alleviate any burdens, the AIA is releasing schools of any fees associated with canceling events, in lieu of the COVID-19 virus.

San Carlos was the first school district to act on this accord. SCUSD Superintendent, Dr. Deborah Jackson-Dennison, gave the announcement that all school activities, including sports, would be canceled.

San Carlos has been pro-active in combating the COVID-19 virus. The have already issued two COVID-19 virus tests that came back with negative results. This kind of forward thinking and diligence to precaution and procedure should serve the community well during these anxious times.

The Miami School District has decided to suspend sporting events as of March 16 until, at least, April 1. Student athlete Gabe Escobedo had a disappointed look on his face when he approached the Silver Belt on Saturday night at the Claypool Circle K. “Did you hear that they canceled all sports until April 1? Even practice!” He exclaimed excitedly. “This really sucks. What am I going to do?” For student athletes like Gabe Escobedo, sports are how he spends his time. These activities give kids purpose and keep them out of trouble. However, there is an understanding among these student athletes that social space will help keep this disease from becoming a problem and they are on board to do their part.

In conjunction with Miami the CCYS basketball league has suspended any activity until April 1 as well. This is in cooperation with the Miami School District as CCYS is using their facilities.

The Globe School District did not have anything about their sports programs in official writing. Some of the teachers for the district have been reached and they believe that the sports programs are or will be suspended in the Globe School District as well. Now that Governor Ducey has closed all schools, it can be fairly assumed that Globe sports will be suspended as well.

Sheena Acosta is a nurse at Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center as well as a parent of two students who attend Miami High School.

The Silver Belt had the opportunity to ask her about her thoughts on school closers, sports activities suspensions and the COVID-19 virus. Sheena made some great points, “If we all do what we are supposed to do then these suspensions and cancellations will work. It’s all about controlling the spread of the disease. This specific virus takes 7-10 days to show major symptoms. Because of that one could be infected and not realize they are spreading the disease. By controlling or limiting our social interactions for the next two weeks we could essentially control or minimize the spread of the virus.”

However, this is much easier said than done as Mrs. Acosta explains, “I have infant twins at home and an elderly mother. They are all at high risk. I wish I could stay home and keep my teenagers home in a self-quarantine, but that is hard to do when you look at it realistically. Like most people, it is not financially possible for time to stay home from work. My son, Skylar Guerrero, just traveled to Las Vegas for a wrestling tournament, how can I know that he didn’t bring something home with him? We have to find ways to work around these problems. Skylar can work out at home. My infants will not leave the house. I can use proper precaution and cleanliness techniques when returning home from work. It’s about controlling social interactions. Social distancing for 2-4 weeks can help contain the virus, if it is done right.”

While there is no sure fire way of combating a virus spread such as what is happening with the COVID-19 virus. There are ways we can help to prevent the disease from becoming out of control. Avoiding large gatherings is one of those steps and it seems that the local school districts are taking that action seriously.

The schools are open to support the students and families who need them to be open at this time.

But for most school activities, they will have to wait for this pandemic to dry up.


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