Globe Tigers defeat Tempe Prep

Globe trounced Tempe Prep on Friday, Oct. 25,  46-7 in a home game, helped along by the fact that Tempe Prep had a total of 12 players in their team, 11 on the field and one on the bench.

To begin with, though, neither side seemed to get anywhere, and it wasn’t till near the end of the first quarter that Globe managed their first score that counted. 

Tempe had elected to receive and was forced to punt. They had kicked into the end zone for a touch back, and Globe started up-field from their own 20 yard line, but was forced to punt in their turn. Tempe worked through their downs and kicked the ball, and finally, Globe sprung G20 Avirum Curiel for a 60 yard run into the end zone which was called back due to a personal foul on the part of Globe.

So Globe had to back up and play their second down with 20 yards to go. After two incomplete passes quarterback, Caden Hansen had managed a quick pass over the middle to #8, Abrahm Aragon, who took the ball down to the 10 yard line. A pass to #81, Angel Hernandez who galloped the few yards into the end zone brought the first score with 3:42 left in the quarter. Hansen handed the ball off to Curiel for the two extra points making the score 8-0 Globe.

When Globe kicked off to them, Tempe ran it out a good way out from the 22-yard line, but due to a penalty, they were forced to give up their yardage and settle for a first and 10 on their own 20 yard line. Tempe’s quarterback handed off the ball, but his runner was stopped by a horde of Globe defensive linemen. A third down and 8 to go turned into a third and 13 due to an encroachment penalty against Tempe. A handoff to the near side gained only a yard, and it was fourth and 11 on their own 22-yard line and they punted.

The Tigers ran the ball out to the 46-yard line with 1:14 left in the first quarter, and Hansen gained their next touchdown at the start of the second with a really well faked handoff to Curiel. A real handoff to Curiel brought in the extra points to make the score 16-0 Globe.

Tempe had the ball for a couple of plays before Globe took over again due to a Tempe fumble.

The Tigers were ignited now, and they turned their possession into another touchdown on a pass from the 31 yard line to #11, Markell Woods who scored. Hensen handed off to Curiel for the two extra points. Score 24-0 Globe.

On kickoff, #3, Michael Marquez flashed in and caught Globe’s onside kick and the Tigers took over again on the Tempe 40-yard line. A quick pass to Angel Hernandez near side got some yards. But it was an incomplete pass put them down on the Tempe 20-yard line due to pass interference. After trying a pass, Hansen handed the ball to Curiel who got the ball down to the 8-yard line and took the next handoff into the end zone to make the score 30-0 Globe. No joy with the extra point when a hike went awry. #4, Diego Varela, picked it up but got nowhere near the goal.

As Globe kicked off, it appeared that the clock was running even when it would normally have stopped even though the gap between Globe and Tempe had not quite reached the customary width. An official later vouchsafed that the Tempe coach had requested that the clock run to spare his exhausted team, but also said that the scoreboard clock had started behaving strangely near the end of the first half.

After Tempe turned their possession into a touchdown with a long pass, and kicked successfully for the extra point to make the score 30-7, Globe came right back with a long pass into the end zone to make the score 36-7. Globe kicked off and the half ended.

Globe scored once more in the truncated second half to make the final score 46-7 with the two extra points. With the clock running continuously during huddles, there was time for only a few plays in the last two quarters. 

Coach Openshaw had praise for his whole team. “They all played really well tonight,” Though he had special praise for #11, Markell Woods, #20, Avirum Curiel and #3, Michael Marquez.

Defensive Coach Joe Barajas praised Avirum, Curiel, and Michael Marquez again for their defensive work, as well as  #14, Gavin Williams and #8, Abrahm Aragon.  He thought a surprise stand out was nose guard, Danny Scales, #74. Coach Barajas also appreciated the performance of the whole team defensively.

Finally, a crowd of fans from the Class of 1984 were standouts too as they screamed and yelled for everyone seemingly as raucously as they did back when they were student Tigers.


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