Douglas girls knock Tigers out of Copper Cities tourney

Photo by Susanne Jerome.

At the 38th Annual Copper Cities Girls Tournament, Globe hosted 10 schools, including two 4A teams: Combs and Douglas, two 3A teams: Coolidge and San Tan Foothills, one 1A team: Cibecue, and three of a 2A size: Glendale Prep, Miami and Morenci.

After beating Combs, a 4A school with twice the number of their students, Globe lost the championship game to Douglas, another 4A school, in the last seconds, 48-49. Miami lost to Combs and San Tan Foothills, 3a and 4a teams, to their 3A size, but won their game against Superior by a handy 40-14.

In a low scoring first quarter, the Tigers were challenged from their baseline outward. Alexis Fall scored first for Globe, but Douglas no. 34 Ximena Iniquez countered with a 3-point basket. Douglas sunk a free throw and Globe no. 10 Kayla Howard drove for a layup, drawing a foul to tie the game at 5-5.

Globe had a hard time getting out of their end with Douglas tying up the ball and getting possession. A series of accurate passes got the ball to Fall, and to no. 22 Laura Dalton under the basket for two points, bringing the score to 7-8. Douglas drove in for the final basket to increase their lead to three points. Fall, Dalton and Howard each made baskets, and Howard scored a free throw.

In the second quarter Globe scored 17 points, and Douglas scored only 11. Dalton grabbed a rebound and fed it to Howard who sank it, bringing the score to 13-12. Then, when Howard missed a shot, Dalton grabbed the rebound and put it in. Muriel Nosie made two free throws, and then, after Jessi Swift, harried from pillar to post by Douglas, bounced the ball to her, she made another two points to make the score 17-14. Swift hit a free throw, and Howard got a rebound and put it in. Shawna Talgo scored two free throws, and Dalton thrilled the crowd with a 3-point basket. Douglas crept up from six points behind 22-16, with a 3-pointer and a 2-pointer, but the score at the end of the half had Globe ahead by three, 24-21.

In the third quarter, Douglas scored 14 points and Globe only 10 points. the Tigers started three points up, 24-21 and finished one point down 34-35 after being as much as five points behind. In the last quarter, they and Douglas scored 14 points. Talgo started things off with a 3-pointer to put Globe ahead by two, to bring the score to 37-35. Douglas put in one free throw to reduce Globe’s lead to one.

Talgo answered with another 3-pointer to bring the score to 40-36. But the Bulldogs intercepted a pass and scored, and then grabbed a rebound and put it in to earn a total of four points and tie the game 40-40. Dalton and Kayona Gilbert each were fouled and each made a free throw, but Nosie got the second rebound and put it in to bring the score to 44-40 with 4:50 left in the game. Douglas made up two points from two sets of free throws, each player missed one. Gilbert made two free throws to get the score to 46-42 for Globe.

Douglas no. 33, Michelle Maytorena got busy and scored two baskets to tie the game 46-46 with 1:44 left in the game. Dalton scored two and Globe was ahead again 48-46. Nobody scored until the clock showed just 19 seconds left when Douglas tied up the ball and got possession. Globe then tied up the ball on their end and took possession in their turn, but the Globe player took too long to throw in and lost possession to Douglas with just 9 seconds left in the game.

Alondra Lugo then won the game for Douglas with a 3-pointer with 5.6 seconds left in the game. A shot by Kayona Gilbert failed and the game went to Douglas 49-48.

Lady Vandals defeat Superior

Photo by Susanne Jerome

Lady Vandal Jasenia Quezada shoots against Superior in their only win in the tournament.

The Miami girls basketball team finished 1-3 at this year’s Copper Cities Tournament, held at San Carlos High School.

The Lady Vandals’ win came on Friday afternoon, when they defeated Superior 41-14. Jasmin Perez led Miami with 10 points and added eight rebounds, while Jessica had a strong all-around game with nine points, 12 rebounds, four assists and three steals. Shelby Blanco registered seven points, 13 rebounds and three steals.

Also having strong games for the Lady Vandals were Jalen Pike (seven points, four rebounds, two steals) and Jasenia Quezada (four points, four rebounds and four steals).

Earlier Friday, Miami lost 34-29 to San Tan Foothills. Quezada led the way for the Lady Vandals with eight points and 10 steals. Garcia contributed six points and eight rebounds.

On Thursday, Miami lost 44-14 to Combs and fell 58-29 to Coolidge.

The Lady Vandals play Globe on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. The game will be held at San Carlos High School.

Miami report submitted by Marc Marin.


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