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Join The Flood-Raising Challenge

Posted 9/8/21

United Fund of Globe-Miami, Inc. and the Salvation Army are partnering to bring relief to local families and households affected by the post-Telegraph-fire floods.

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Join The Flood-Raising Challenge


United Fund of Globe-Miami, Inc. and the Salvation Army are partnering to bring relief to local families and households affected by the post-Telegraph-fire floods. Eligible families may apply for up to $2,500 in repairs, supplies, or household needs. 

This $2,500 is in addition to federal, state, and county resources available to residents through Gila County Health & Emergency Management.

How to Apply

Homeowners and families in need can apply for these resources through the Salvation Army. Call 928-275-7211 or visit them in person at their office, 161 E. Cedar St., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

How to Help

Donations can be made to United Fund of Globe-Miami, Inc. through the Give Now button on their website ( or by postal mail to PO Box 2160, Globe, AZ 85502.

Who is Helping?

So far $158,018.97 has been raised for this program beginning with Francisco Pastor Rivera’s GoFundMe fundraiser during the fire, joined by the Pinal Mountain Lions Foundation, BHP Billiton, Freeport-McMoRan, Capstone Pinto Valley Mine, and Southwest Gas Corporation.

These funds combined with United Fund’s $50,000 ‘challenge’ funds and $50,000 in match funds bring the total relief fund to $258,018.97 as of Aug. 26, 2021. 

Why Is This Needed?

United Fund board members saw the gap between residents’ needs and available resources. While the County, State, and Emergency resources were making great progress on the outside of residents’ homes, they are limited to the outside of residents’ homes. “We’ve all seen the tragic images from families who’ve lost everything because the mud was 3 or 4 feet up the wall in their home” says board president Linda Oddonetto. “We cannot restore their lost memories or control nature, but we can help with services & resources that aren’t already available.”

The success of the Gila Community Food Bank expansion fundraiser at the beginning of Covid-19 inspired United Fund board members to issue a fundraising challenge for this effort 19 months later. In the first 10 days, 6 funders have joined the effort to the tune of $158,018.97 and more are expected to contribute as paperwork gets completed. 

Why United Fund?

United Fund has been connecting local charities and donors since 1964. This Flood-Raising Challenge is a first for United Fund, but as an organization that’s 100% in the community & for the community, it’s a natural solution. Since United Fund doesn’t have the expertise to meet individual family needs, they’ve partnered with Salvation Army, who does have the expertise and resources to connect families and households with resources that meet their specific needs. 

Why Salvation Army?

Beginning June 7, Salvation Army opened a relief center at the old Safeway in Claypool to support community residents during the Telegraph & Mescal fires. About two weeks ago, they returned in response to the post-fire flooding and are here to manage the challenge fund, says Captain Maureen Lawliss. Captain Lawliss has served with Salvation Army for 12 years. While not their policy to give individuals cash, Salvation Army plans to pay invoices for completed work from “good vendors,” verified by their W-9s. “We need to ensure that the funds entrusted to us go for the intended purpose,” Lawliss explains.

Also assisting the effort is Salvation Army Major Tammy Ray, who has ties to Globe-Miami. Her great-grandfather drove an ambulance in Globe-Miami during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. One of Salvation Army’s strengths, Ray says, is that “we come along side local agencies and support them.” This “community-based collaboration” ensures that Salvation Army “goes in wisely and does not do what we’re not supposed to do.” To best support residents and the community, Salvation Army staff and volunteers listen, collaborate, and complement existing programs.

Asked why they serve, Lawliss points out that Salvation Army officers are also ordained ministers. With Salvation Army 27 years now, Ray echoed Lawliss’ sentiments, saying, “We are motivated by the love of the Lord.  We care about people; we want to be a blessing to them.” 

Salvation Army announced at the Aug. 26, 2021 community meeting that their offices are relocating from the old Safeway Building by Walmart to the facility on Cedar Street.

For those unable to get to the Salvation Army offices on their own, transportation services are available from the Copper Mountain Transit service (provided by Town of Miami, City of Globe, and Gila County) by calling (928) 473-8222

What Next?

Whether you’re in need of assistance or would like to help others, keep your eye out for upcoming community meetings and be sure to apply to Salvation Army for United Fund resources. Even if you’ve already incurred expenses, if you can document them, relief is available. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Salvation Army at 928-275-7211 or visit them in person at the Cedar St. office 9 a.m.-5 p.m.