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Feb. 21-27 Arrest Reports


Editor’s Note: The names published in the Arrest Reports are public record and include those people who have been cited, arrested and booked. This is not an indication of guilt, as all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Gila County Sheriff’s Office

Arganda, Guadalupe, 76, Globe – aggravated assault

Dehose, Kenzie S., 50, Cibecue – extreme DUI .20 and above

Shores, Jeremy W., 31, Miami – criminal damage, criminal trespass

Hampton, Robert O., 47, Globe – court remand

Johnson, Casey A., 31, Pinetop – court remand

Monroy, Felicia A.J., 30, Hayden – court remand

Baylish, Alexander L., 39, San Carlos – open container in vehicle

Haro Aranda, Juan J., 23, Sinaloa – possession of narcotic drug, possession of narcotic drug for sale, transportation of narcotic drug for sale, possession of dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia

Higuera Rivera, Carlos, 27, Sinaloa – possession of narcotic drug, possession of narcotic drug for sale, transportation of narcotic drug for sale, possession of dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, misconduct involving weapons

Dominguez Perez, Irvin, 33, Panorama City, CA – DUI in the slightest degree, driving with suspended/revoked/canceled license

Ford, Rodney, 53 – courtesy hold

Henry, Bernard, 49, Whiteriver – pre-adjudication warrant

Hernandez, Jose, 57 – courtesy hold

Howard, Kierrian C., 30, San Carlos – DUI self-surrender

Poland, Roman, 30 – courtesy hold

Slager, Alesha M., 28, Scottsdale – pre-adjudication warrant

Smith, Dawoyne L., 40, Mesa – pre-adjudication warrant

Belnap, Marshall C., 20, Phoenix – misconduct involving weapons x 2

Dosela, Dinah S., 59, San Carlos – self-surrender

Epperson, Arthur L. III, 32, Globe – misconduct involving weapons, false reporting to law enforcement agencies, resisting arrest, driving with suspended/revoked/canceled license, possession of drug paraphernalia, no current registration

Manybeads, Roy J., 54, Ganado – aggravated DUI

Demarco, Jacob T., 24, San Manuel – self-surrender

Miller, Shawn P., 58, Globe – DUI self-surrender

Pyne, Seleste D., 22, Globe – DUI self-surrender

Red, Jimmy H. Jr., 44, Tonto Basin – pre-adjudication warrant

Globe Police Department

Duarte, Michelle D., 37, Globe – pre-adjudication warrant, driving with suspended/revoked/canceled license

Garcia, Christian J., 35, Phoenix – 1st arrest: disorderly conduct, criminal trespass 2nd arrest: shoplifting

Muniz, David R., 46, Claypool – post-adjudication warrant

Quezada, Abel M., 24, Wilmington – criminal trespass, aggravated assault on peace officer x 2, resisting arrest x 2

Sullivan, Levi G., 39, Globe – possession of narcotic drug, possession of narcotic drug for sale, manufacturing methamphetamine under circumstances that cause physical injury to a minor, possession of drug paraphernalia

Sanchez, Marino, 52, Los Angeles, CA – failure to show drivers license or ID

Stapleton, Keana A., 23, Claypool – driving with suspended/revoked/canceled license

Charles, Stephan H., 44, Globe – disorderly conduct

Drennan, Robert G., 38, Globe – possession of drug paraphernalia, pre-adjudication warrant

Hollingsworth, Jesse L., 39, Globe – failure to appear x 2

Cabrera, Gabriel, 45, Globe – interfering with judicial proceedings x 3

Miami Police Department

Henry, Bernard, 49, Whiteriver – disorderly conduct

Busby, Seth B. 34, Globe – burglary, possession of drug paraphernalia

Harper, Christopher M., 37, Miami – burglary

San Carlos Police Department

Moran, George S., 59, San Carlos – possession of drug paraphernalia, post-adjudication warrant x 3

Department of Public Safety

Beasley, Paul G., 60, Payson – possession of narcotic drug

Ruff, Joshua, 40, Miami – post-adjudication warrant x 2, failure to pay fine x 2

Amado, Frank A. Jr., 44, Claypool – post-adjudication warrant x 3, misconduct involving weapons x 2

Graham, David P., 24, Payson – possession of narcotic drug, possession of drug paraphernalia

Jeffers, Troy O., 52, Payson – theft of means of transportation, unlawful use of means of transportation, possession of narcotic drug, possession of drug paraphernalia

Phillips, Daniel C., 26, Globe – misconduct involving weapons, possession of drug paraphernalia

Madrid, Destiny A., 22, Payson – possession of drug paraphernalia

Underwood, Charles E. III, 29, Star Valley – possession of drug paraphernalia, driving with suspended/revoked/canceled license

Yazzie, Channon R., 33, Claypool – failure to pay fine

Payson Area

Copestick, Daniel J., 23, Strawberry – DUI in the slightest degree, DUI .08 to .15

Ford, Michael A., 40, Payson – criminal littering, resisting arrest

Garsnett, Loren A., 22, Payson – aggravated assault x 3

Declay, Denandez, 21, Payson – assault, aggravated assault

Garrels, Samuel L., 75, Star Valley – misconduct involving weapons, resisting arrest

Pelto, Jason W., 45, Payson – obstructing a highway

Haren-Ralph, Tyler, 28, Payson – assault, disorderly conduct

Papineau, Leroy P. Jr., 68, Payson – criminal trespass

Wright, Stephanie R., 52, Payson – criminal trespass, resisting arrest, pre-adjudication warrant, failure to pay fine x 3

Marcham, Michael J., 65, Payson – pre-adjudication warrant

Bernhardt, Michael L. Jr., 52, Payson – criminal trespass x 2

Lawler, Coleen M., 58, Payson – pre-adjudication warrant