Town of Miami to complete special income survey

The Miami Town Council held its regular meeting on Monday, June 24 at Miami Town Hall. The council instructed staff to complete a special income survey by residents in the Town of Miami. CAG (Central Arizona Government) is requesting this survey to be completed to determine the income ratio for Miami. The town is seeking funds for a streets improvement project and the information collected will be used to determine eligibility for federal grants and types of loans that are available. Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) monies can be used for public infrastructure, community facilities, housing, public services and economic development in the town.

This income survey is simple and asks for household size, income, name and address of the resident, and the survey is confidential. The Town of Miami will only be provided with the percentage results from CAG. CAG is bonded and conducts surveys like this one regularly.

During the council meeting on Monday, June 4, Councilman Black stated that “the main thing here is that we can provide a service to the 70, 80, 90 year old seniors that have worked in our town all their lives, these are the people this can help the most, and that’s the ones we need it to help the most.”

The Town of Miami is asking for everyone to respond to make the survey valid. Employees of Miami are going door to door for some residents and will also have the surveys available in the Town Office, 500 W Sullivan St., when you stop by to pay your water bill.

The employees are trying to get as many out to other public areas around town such as the library and pool. The goal is to have them finished by the end of July with as many completed as possible.

If you have any questions about the survey or have accessibility needs, you can contact the town of Miami at 928-473-4404.


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