Tigers beat Braves by 31 in hoops season finale

BJ Burries drives the lane as Eliah Victor and Cameron Mull look on. Photos by Susanne Jerome.

The varsity boys San Carlos versus Globe rematch on Friday, Feb. 1 was not hard to predict. The number one team, Globe, won the game.

San Carlos hung tight in the first quarter, only behind by three, after which the margin widened. After his signature opening 3-pointer, BJ Burries put in one basket and eight free throws for a total of 13 points in the first quarter. (Don’t foul Burries: He hit every free throw in the game.)

The Tigers got the ball to Corey Chee for six points and Daniel Widner for seven in the quarter.

From there on things got better for Globe, leading to a final score of 108-77. Globe relied mostly on Burries, 58 points; Cory Chee, 21 points and Daniel Widner, 15 points, Nick Cassa put in four points. Aaron Smith put in six, and freshman Julius Chee put in two.

Scoring for San Carlos was spread out among seven players. Lewis Ironshell scored 17 points; Eliah Victor scored 15; Cameron Mull made 14 points; Jalen Patton put in eight; DeAndre Dude scored 10 points, and finally Justin Bread and Nathaniel Moses, Jr. each put in five.


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