Then and now Carlota Copper Mine


It was a major announcement made by  Quadra Mining, Ltd on December 18 back in 2008. The Vancouver based company officially announced its new $240 million dollar Carlota Copper Project west of Miami has started producing copper..   The press release said the commencement of operations at the mine’s SX-EW facility marks the completion of the construction phase of the project and the operations team will now focus on ramping up production.

“With the successful start up of the SX-EW facility and the first harvest of copper cathodes, Quadra has completed the development phase of the Carlota project and is now officially in production.” said Paul Blythe, President and Chief Operating Officer.  He went on to state as previously announced, cathode copper production is expected to be approximately 50 million pounds in 2009 due to the lower head grades as per the mine plan and to rise to the nameplate annual production rate of 70 to 75 million pounds in 2010.

Under the ownership of Quadra Mining the workforce at the open pit  mine on the average was some 220 or more full time employees

Today the Carlota is owned by KGHM International, which is the world’s 8th largest mining company based in the Country of Poland

KGHM officials point it was in the year 2013 when the Carlota Mine began concurrent reclamation and re vegetation  activities throughout the property.  In addition during this period of time detailed studies were imitated  on the more complex facilities needed in preparation for the Carlota mine closure.

There were also subsurface leach test work undertaken in 2013 to explore ways to extract additional economic copper from within  the heap leach pad on the mine property.

It was in 2014 when mining operation’s from the open pit ceased.  However, KGHM points out residual copper production continues at present to extract economic copper from the solution inventory located within the heap leach  pad.  According to the company the Carlota Mine currently runs the process of post mine area re cultivation along with underground leaching in the remaining heaps with a small work force.

The Carlota Mine produced over 72 thousand  tons copper during its course of life

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