Sheriff’s office launches new smartphone app

Gila County Sheriff Adam Shepherd shows off the new app. Photo provided.

Gila County Sheriff’s Office has launched a new smart-phone app to better serve residents throughout the county, offering a fast way to contact the sheriff’s office and receive up-to-date information.

“Our new app has a variety of features that provide information and links in real-time.” Sheriff Adam Shepherd said. “Getting the word out about this free smartphone software also gives us a chance to remind drivers to hang up and drive — safety is the priority when you’re behind the wheel.” 

Some of the features of the app include:

See-and-Say — report speeders, with separate categories for motorists in northern and also southern Gila County;

We-Tip — anonymous tip line, for users to report suspected neighborhood drug activity, burglary or other infractions;

Contact — with phone numbers and social media links;

Notifications — such as public safety alerts, or “be-on-the-lookout” posts;

Mug shots — daily posts of recently detained or charged individuals;

Gallery — photos of county personnel or activities; and,

Recruiting — a link to read about jobs with the Sheriff’s Office, and find online applications elsewhere in the county.

“Sheriff Adam Shepherd came up with the idea and we started researching how to make it happen,” Undersheriff Mike Johnson said. “A core group of us including the Sheriff and administrative staff began comparing the best features of similar apps, such as the Pinal County Sheriff’s, and we used software designed by Logictree to design it, at a fraction of the cost of competing software that other law enforcement agencies have chosen. Cost, and the content we receive through Logictree, those were the deciding factors.”

The app also allows sheriff’s officers the expanded ability to real-time message the public during emergencies and send out public safety alerts. The office has already embraced these lines of direct communication, creating a widespread Facebook community.

To find the app, go to


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