New Globe City Council seated; Stapleton re-appointed as vice mayor

Outgoing Globe City Councilman Lerry Alderman shows off the pocket watch he received for his service on the council. Outgoing Councilwoman Roberta Johnson also received a wristwatch that evening. From left, Councilman Freddy Rios, Councilwoman Charlene Giles, Alderman, Johnson, Mayor Al Gameros and Vice Mayor Mike Stapleton. Not pictured is Councilman Mike Humphrey, who is seated at the dais. Photo by Carol Broeder.

In what Globe City Manager Paul Jepson called a “bittersweet evening,” the City Council bid farewell to two outgoing councilmembers and welcomed two new ones, all during its Dec. 4 regular meeting.

The new council is made up of Fernando Shipley, Freddy Rios, Charlene Giles, Al Gameros, Mike Stapleton, Jesse Leetham and Mike Humphrey.

City Magistrate Judge John Perlman administered the oath of office to both Shipley and Leetham.

When it came his turn to speak, Shipley praised Lerry Alderman, his Dist. 6 predecessor on the council, for watching “the city finances like a hawk.”

When he asked if he would have to continue doing so, Alderman replied, ‘No, Freddy Rios does that now,” said Shipley, drawing laughter from those gathered for the meeting.

The incumbent Alderman did not run for re-election due to health concerns.

Shipley received 145 votes, or 65 percent, over opponent Joe Skarnel’s 76 votes, or 34 percent of the vote, during the Aug. 28 primary election.

During his remarks at the Dec. 4 meeting, Leetham said, “I’m not here to shine, I’m here so that the city will shine.”

Leetham was referring to the fact that members of Globe Public Library 5K Walk/Run Club had apologized to him for wearing their yellow t-shirts and not dressing more formally for the swearing-in ceremony.

The Dist. 3 incumbent Roberta Johnson chose not to seek re-election and Leetham was the sole candidate for her seat.

Leetham had received 234 of the 238 votes cast in the Aug. 28 primary election.

After the new council was seated, a vote was held to appoint a new vice mayor.

Gameros nominated Stapleton and there were no other nominations.

Stapleton was re-appointed by a 6-1 vote. Giles cast the lone nay vote.

The incumbent Stapleton defeated opponent Desmond “Desi” Baker in the Nov. 6 General Election.

Stapleton received 204 votes, or 55.28 percent of the vote, while Baker garnered 164 votes, or 44.44 percent of the total vote.

Prior to seating the new council and appointing the vice mayor, the council honored outgoing members Johnson and Alderman.

Gameros said that Johnson had served on the council from 1998-2002 and again most recently from 2013-18.

Johnson was instrumental in police chief recruitment, the budget process, City of Globe Municipal Property Corporation, Arizona League Conference, joint council meeting with the Town of Miami, water conservation and infrastructure, blight mitigation and street asphalt projects, he said.

While Johnson has been very supportive of city staff, she has “a soft spot for Public Works; she appreciates all of their commitments in community events and working in extreme weather elements, keeping the streets, water and parks of the city in working order,” Gameros said.

When it came her turn to speak, Johnson said that she “truly enjoyed working with this council and for the citizens of Globe. I’m going to miss you all.”

Gameros also talked about Alderman, who served on the council from 2008-18.

Alderman was instrumental in police chief recruitment, the budget process, PSPRS unfunded liability, Arizona League Conference, joint council meeting with the Town of Miami and City of Globe Public Safety, he said.

Gameros went on to say that Alderman has been supportive of the Gila Monster ATV Jamboree, Pinal Mountain fire and flood mitigation preparation, Globe Clean and Beautiful, Alderman House and partnering with the Town of Miami.

“Larry has also been very supportive of city staff, praying for each department at every council meeting,” Gameros said. “Councilman Alderman was always the cook at employee cook-outs, as well as making green chili for staff.”

When it came his turn to speak, Alderman thanked “Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior,” as well as his wife, who has stood beside him during his service on the council. He also presented his wife with a bouquet of flowers at the Dec. 4 meeting.

The council took a break in the meeting to hold a brief reception before re-convening.


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