Miami’s ‘Flex’ability brings another rivalry win

Stephen Palmer/Arizona Silver Belt The Miami varsity boys basketball team flexes for the camera after beating the Globe Tigers, 79-43.

The first time that Globe and Miami’s varsity boys’ basketball programs met on Dec. 28, ended with a Miami victory, 76-55. The two rivals then met again on Friday, Jan. 10 for a rematch, ending with another Miami victory, 79-43. In the first game Miami used a zone defense and an offensive passing attack to control the clock, frustrate the Tigers and role on to a Vandal victory. The Miami Basketball Vandals used their bench and depth to wear down the Tigers in their first meeting. In the second game Miami would use a different style to claim the win.

Gabe Escobedo (#00), sophomore forward, is not shy about taking over a game. He did it during the football season as a receiver and he did it again on Friday night against Globe. This time on the basketball court. In the second meeting of the Globe and Miami rivals, Gabe Escobedo (#00), would take over. Whether it was a steal and a fast break lay up, an assist to teammate or a pick and drive into the lane; Escobedo was all over the court. While the Vandals are a team and they pride themselves on winning as a team, one can not help but to give notice to Gabe Escobedo (#00) as dominate performances begin to become his norm.

It means a lot when a team can win in more than one way. If a player needs to take over a game to get the win, then that is what needs to be done. Miami has shown they can win in more than one way and that is a good thing.

Globe and Miami will face one another one more time for their last game of the season on Feb. 7, at Globe.


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