Miami holds Neighborhood Watch meeting

MIAMI — The town of Miami held their third Neighborhood Watch meeting on Monday, November 20, at 6 p.m. in the Miami Town Hall building. 

Officers Durnam and another officer were present at the meeting distributing handouts and going over the information. The handout is more than 20 pages long and full of information on how to from a neighborhood watch group and keep it successful. There was also a volunteer application attached for the Miami Police Department.

Some of the advantages of neighborhood watches include: reducing and preventing crime; providing direct contact with the police department; increasing awareness about activity in the city; helping neighbors get to know each other; and assisting the police department with crime prevention efforts.

During this meeting the neighbors shared information with each other about certain people in their areas that are known to sell drugs, what times they are seen and even some vehicles shown on camera that don’t live in or near the area.

The police advised them that this information was a good start for what this program needs to get off the ground.

Neighbors sharing numbers, looking out for each other will help reduce the crime in local areas. This process will take time and effort from members of the community working together.

The next meeting is scheduled for Januarry 29, and they are hoping it will be held at the Miami Fire Department.

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