Local copper job alerts

Resolution Copper at Superior is advertising for a geo-technical engineer underground and an industrial engineer underground.

Freeport McMoRan Miami is advertising for a supervisor smelter maintenance oxygen plant recreation specialist at Cobre Valley Recreation Center, buyer, environmental engineer, environmental scientist, and a diagnostic electrician. There are two positions open in environment engineer water management. They are also advertising for a senior surveyor blue stake specialist, planner #2 in hydromet mine maintenance, an electrician in HVAC Smelter and a diagnostic mechanic.

Pinto Valley Mine Capstone Mining is advertising for a superintendent of safety, long range planning engineer, metallurgical engineer, plant and facilities superintendent, electrician, instrument technician, superintendent of processing operations, and a senior mine engineer.

ASARCO Copper Hayden has positions open for a boiler maker, carpenter, warehouse clerk #2, electrical supervisor, electrician, environmental engineer, smelter electrician, environmental engineer, general operations supervisor, maintenance manager maintenance mechanic, maintenance planner #3, maintenance supervisor, mobile equipment mechanic, pipefitter, pipefitter welder, senior instrument technician, and a yard laborer.

Freeport McMoRan Safford has positions available for a shovel drill diagnostic mechanic, environmental scientist #2, lineman electrician, security team leader, electrical engineer at crusher conveyor operations, and electrician at mine maintenance, support equipment operator, journeyman electrician in mine maintenance, and a crusher conveyor mechanic.

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