July 19-25 Arrest Reports

Editor’s Note: The names published in the Arrest Reports are public record and include those people who have been cited, arrested and booked. This is not an indication of guilt, as all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Gila County Sheriff’s Office

Beckham, Jodie D., 43, Payson – pre-adjudication warrant

Hendrix, Jordan R., 29, Miami – post-adjudication warrant

Reede, Philton J., 35, San Carlos – failure to appear

Reidhead, Lindsey M., 36, Snowflake – failure to appear

Simpson, Jeannie, 61, Safford – court remand

Smith, Sean P., 46, Litchfield Park – aggravated assault with deadly weapon/instrument x 4, failure to remain at accident scene with death/injury, endangerment involving substantial risk of imminent death, aggravated DUI/third DUI, aggravated DUI/ wrong way driving

Bernhardt, Michael L. Jr., 51, Payson – pre-adjudication warrant

Campos, Ernest, 65, Globe – failure to appear

Dosela, Devon V., 31, Peridot – failure to appear

Goslin, Dean, 65, Payson – DUI self-surrender

Laufenberg, Monte C., 51, Payson – pre-adjudication warrant

Longknife, Lance D., 27, San Carlos – post-adjudication warrant x 3

Teeter, Lacey M., 29, Globe – pre-adjudication warrant x 2

Barreto, Jose S., 26, Globe – extreme DUI .15 or more but less than .20, driving with suspended/revoked/canceled license, failure to produce evidence of financial responsibility

Blanco, Nathan K., 34, Payson – assault/domestic violence, disorderly conduct/domestic violence

Globe Police Department

Barajas, Veronica R., 19, Globe – assault/domestic violence, disorderly conduct

Tarango, Severiano J., 22, Globe – weapons misconduct/prohibited possessor

Contreras, Adam S., 45, Globe – disorderly conduct, threatening or intimidating

Gustina, Steve, 58, Bylas – disorderly conduct

Montgold, Mia C., 45, Globe – post-adjudication warrant

Yanez, Robert D., 41, Phoenix – possession of dangerous drug

Dosela, Emmett Jr., 19, San Carlos – criminal trespass, shoplifting, person under 21 with liquor in body, possession/purchase of liquor by minor

Thompson, Derek L., 33, San Carlos – assault/domestic violence, disorderly conduct

Ahern, Sean P. Jr., 28, Claypool – possession of drug paraphernalia

Contreras, Jeremy E., 39, Mesa – possession of dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia

Dawahoya, Magdalena E., 38, San Carlos – failure to pay fine x 2

Department of Public Safety

Henson, Thomas L. Jr., 30, Globe – post-adjudication warrant x 3, interfering with judicial proceedings

Dosela, Gilbert W., 29, San Carlos – possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to pay fine, post-adjudication warrant, pre-adjudication warrant x 2

Dosela, Valentino, 33, San Carlos – probation violation

Goseyun, Jonah D., 36, Peridot – interfering with judicial proceedings

Powell, Donald E. Jr., 34, Tonto Basin – possession of dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia

Sandoval, Daniel J., 31, Thorton – kidnapping for involuntary servitude, endangerment, fleeing pursuing law enforcement vehicle, resisting arrest

Turner, Brandon L., 44, Claypool – pre-adjudication warrant

Payson Area

Grams, Jeanette M., 41, Ravenna, OH – assault/domestic violence, disorderly conduct

Kennedy, Michael J., 42, Payson – aggravated DUI, possession of dangerous drug, possession of narcotic drug, possession of dangerous drug for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia

Brown, Kaylee A., 27, Payson – failure to pay, post-adjudication warrant

Diaz, Zaid, 33, Everman, TX – fugitive warrant

Herdeman, Bennett V., 63, Payson – harassment

Mones, Carl L., 59, Star Valley – failure to pay fine x 3, driving with suspended/revoked/canceled license

Vickers, Danielle M., 37, Pine – disorderly conduct

Nevarez Rascon, Mauricio, 23, Payson – aggravated assault with deadly weapon/instrument, threatening or intimidating, criminal damage

Taylor, Montrell D., 25, Calumet City, IL – failure to appear

Kelley, Candace H., 27, Mesa – possession of drug paraphernalia

Kendall, Scott M., 43, Mormon Lake – aggravated assault x 2, criminal damage, witness tampering

Lootans, Hope A., 22, Payson – failure to appear

Zambrano, Paula P., 40, Oklahoma City – possession of dangerous drug, possession of dangerous drug for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia

Johnson, Jason S., 43, Payson – post-adjudication warrant, child support warrant

Jones, Jason C., 59, Payson – pre-adjudication warrant

Ortiz, Angelo M., 34, Santa Fe, NM – possession of narcotic drug, possession of narcotic drug for sale, transportation of narcotic drug for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia

Thiele, Jessica F., 38, Payson – disorderly conduct

Bravo, Adrian J., 27, Payson – aggravated assault, possession of drug paraphernalia

Carr, Kevin W., 49, Payson – aggravated assault, disorderly conduct

Giannotti, Anthony P. II, 58, Pine – possession of dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia

Higley, Ganae R., 44, Payson – theft

Mares, Kamille A., 27, Payson – reckless driving, driving with suspended/revoked/canceled license, failure to show license or ID

Mesquita, Ruben G., 38, Phoenix – possession of narcotic drug,  aggravated DUI