Hilary sign gives Globe-Miami a bad reputation


When I first saw the large misspelled sign in Miami (AMERICA WAKE  UP HILARY IS A CRIMINAL) before the last election, I thought it tended to confirm the polling that predicted Trump would do best among low education/low information voters.

A few weeks later I saw a letter in the paper from a traveler who decided to forego his usual stop in Miami because of the sign.

As a Miami retail business owner that somewhat concerned me.

While I wouldn’t want to leave my ignorance on public display, the owners can certainly do as they wish with their property.

Yesterday a customer in my store commented that after seeing the big sign on the apartment building he wasn’t sure he was going to find anyone in town capable of intelligent conversation. 

I wonder how many of the thousands of eastbound travelers each day infer that all of us in the Globe-Miami area are ignorant.

Dick Baker


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