Grateful for Mackey Camp coverage

Dear Editor:

Town of Miami approves Mackey Camp roadway maintenance IGA

(The Arizona Silver Belt, Wednesday, March 17, 2021)

The front page article on Mackey Camp includes a beautiful photo of the entryway into the area. A photo of where the earth bridge washed away would show where an unsuspecting motorist, taking a wrong turn, could plunge to their death. During a hundred-year flood in February 2010, the earth bridge was washed away.

The bridge served an important purpose to residents of Mackey Camp who depended on it to drive to work, the doctor or the store.  A Gila County map clearly shows that the bridge was situated in the Gila County political subdivision. It was constructed by the county government in the 1970s without help or approval of the Town of Miami. Globe residents are faring much better than Miami. Gila County government is paying for the Connie’s Store bridge in Globe.

The deep ruts in the road have ruined many of the cars and trucks of Mackey Camp residents. Having incurred car damage caused by the road, I drive slowly in Mackey Camp. Other residents have a similar story. The rough terrain has taken a toll on the transmissions of a 2015 black Nissan Ultima and a 2001 white Ford Chevy S10 truck.

One solution to the washed-out earth bridge is the installation of concrete culverts. Gila County government has installed concrete culverts in the washes that feed runoff rainfall into the Salt River.  The 18-foot-high culverts provide an economical way to traverse impassable washes.

I wish to acknowledge the leadership of Mayor Sammy Gonzales in this matter.  Where I was not able to convince Supervisor Tim Humphrey, he effectively articulated the issue on behalf of town residents. Miami Town Council members are to be commended for voting to support the IGA between the Town of Miami and Gila County government. John Dorenbos is an enthusiastic supporter of the road project. Fred Licano, who has voiced his concern on the bridge issue, can tell you everything you may want to know about Mackey Camp.

I am grateful to the Arizona Silver Belt for not letting this community issue fade away. Cassie Tafoya, Arizona Silver Belt editor, provided journalistic insight into a public safety issue in Mackey Camp.

Ernest Escobedo