Globe Unified School District Food Service update

To All GUSD Parents,

Greetings from the Globe Unified School District Foods Service Department. We hope all is well and your children are getting ready for school this fall.

Our Foodservice Department will continue to serve “FREE MEALS” through Aug. 16.

As a reminder, the Foodservice Department will be serving “FREE MEALS” curbside at Copper Rim Elementary every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Remember this program is open to all children 18 years and younger.

We will also continue to operate our Bus Route stops for “FREE MEALS” in San Carlos, East Globe, and Central Heights which include the cities of Globe, Claypool, Miami, San Carlos, and Peridot. This will continue on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Remember this program is open to all children 18 years and younger.

Please check the routes, we have changed some times and routes. We added at stop at Airport 79.

San Carlos

10-10:05 a.m. Beverly Hills

10:30-10:45 a.m. Indian Hills

10:50-11:10 a.m. Library

11:15-11:20  a.m. Airport 79

11:30-11:40 a.m. Nolines

11:45-noon game and fish


10-10:10 a.m. Cobre Valley Youth Club

10:15-10:25 a.m. Prickly Pear Apt

10:30-10:35 a.m. Azul and Linda Vista

10:40-10:50 a.m. Pinal Mountain Apartments

10:55-11:05 a.m. Pueblo Heights MHP

11:10-11:20 a.m. 4 star/August Hills MHP

11:30-11:40 a.m. Copper Country MHP

11:50-11:55 a.m. Calla De Loma

12:10-12:15 Holiday Hills MHP

12:30-12:35 Hackney & Gleason


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