Globe P & Z endorses permit for OYO Hotel

David Sowders/Arizona Silver Belt The Globe-Miami OYO Hotel, heavily damaged in 2021 flooding, has taken some initial steps toward a future reopening.

A Globe-Miami hotel/motel devastated by the post-Telegraph Fire flooding of 2021 is aiming for a future reopening, as its new owners take the first steps toward that goal.

That summer, floodwaters ravaged a number of properties including the OYO Hotel on U.S. Highway 60 – and the building has stood vacant since. Last Tuesday night its new owners, MM Globe LLC, gained one objective when the City of Globe Planning and Zoning Commission voted to approve their request for a conditional use permit to reopen.

The commission’s Nov. 1 meeting also included a public hearing on the request. During the hearing, there was no opposition from the public.

The commission’s approval included 14 conditions. Among those conditions were: Guests checking out after 29 straight days; not using the property as a group home or interim housing unless so ordered by the City Council in an emergency; not allowing hot plates or other cooking appliances (aside from a microwave) in guest rooms; and adhering to maximum room occupancy.

Built around 1955, the vacant OYO Hotel was purchased by MM Globe LLC, a company with an address in Mesa, in early February 2022. The flood-damaged property’s use as a hotel/motel was discontinued with respect to city zoning code, due to its standing empty since summer 2021. This required approval of a conditional use permit in order to renew hotel/motel use in the C-2 Intermediate Commercial Zoning District.

As it seeks to reopen the OYO down the line, MM Globe LLC is also in the process of receiving building permit approval to renovate the rooms.

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