Gila County’s Hiring More ‘Disease Detectives’

A recent article aimed  the spotlight on Gila County Health & Emergency Management’s team of  ‘Disease Detectives’ striving to limit the spread of covid-19, reporting that: “every time someone tests positive for COVID-19 in Gila County, health workers talk to an average of four of their close contacts trying to keep the infection from spreading.”

It truly can be detective work - cases can have as little as one personal contact to trace, most have more  - and the record so far is 43 contacts.

Want to join this COVID-19 response team? Gila County Health & Emergency Management announced Friday they’re hiring two more investigators to work as contact tracers. Do you enjoy talking to people; and do you take pride in your phone, computer and interview skills? Are you enthused to be trained to focus those skills on behalf of our community’s public health? Here’s your chance to join a dynamic and cohesive team -- working together  to flatten the curve and reduce infection -- keeping people safer in our communities -- with a salary range that starts at $33,375.

Want to know more about the work or our ‘disease detectives’? Search the web using keyword “Gila County Disease Detectives” for the article. Read the complete job description, and apply online or download the application PDF at (choose ‘human resources’ from the dropdown menu, and then choose ‘employment’, then ‘employment opportunities.’


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