Gila County Self-Serve Sandbag Station

Thursday’s 100-degree heat didn’t stop Gila County Supervisor Tim R. Humphrey,  Emergency Manager Carl Melford and a small team of county staff and volunteers from filling 1,000 sandbags that were provided free to residents of Tonto Basin, Punkin Center and Jakes Corner preparing for the aftermath of the recent Bush Fire.  Gila County Heath & Emergency Management set up the self-serve sandbag station the previous week, providing sand, bags, and a reminder to “bring your own shovel.” Supplies will remain there for homeowners and local residents to self-serve sandbags and create erosion control berms to deal with flooding that’s expected when summer rains hit upper elevation hillsides that were reduced to ash by the Bush Fire. Local residents applauded the effort, commenting: “Thank you Gila County, this is why we love being a part of the Tonto / Gila County community. . . good job guys.”


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