Employee of the Year at Gila County Probation

GILA COUNTY — Barbara Romero has been nominated for Employee of the Year.

Barbara will be here three years now in July, and she has accomplished a lot throughout these years.

She is cross-trained for both Juvenile and Adult probation. She is knowledgeable on all court files and Probation services.

She knows how to communicate effectively; if there is something that she needs an answer right away she will find out at that moment.

She has been very cooperative and flexible with her schedule in doing different tasks and duties.

Employees come and go throughout the Department, and at one point Barbara was the only administrative employee doing everything such as answering phones, filing juvenile and adult court documents, entering cases into the Tax Intercept Program, ordering supplies for the department, managing county vehicles for transportation, helping at the front window with customer service and more.  She comes into work on time every day and is dedicated to her work in making sure everything is running smoothly. Barbara is always willing to work hard and follow up on her priorities. She puts a smile on her face every day and is willing to go the extra mile. Barbara’s training skills are excellent and I have learned much from her since I started in November 2016. Barbara does excellent in her job and I believe she deserves recognition.

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