Early Thanksgiving in Miami

EDITOR: Thanksgiving came early for Louisa and I. Starting with a fabulous annual Copper Kettle rivalry between Globe and Miami, in which the performance by both teams will be one to be remembered for a long, long time.

Neither team had anything to be ashamed of and much to be proud about. And the opening ceremony with the Rockstar Mayor of Miami, Mayor Daryl Dalley, was the start of a very entertaining evening. And the performance by the young ladies of both Globe and Miami High Schools’ was way out of this world — one would have thought a professional team of entertainers were contracted. And let us not forget the energy generated by both bands — one couldn’t help but move with the beat.

Congratulations to all.

Let us not forget the other wonderful Halloween and Fall Festivals in the local area, like the scary ones in Globe at Heritage Health Care and Haven, and the well-attended Pumpkin Festival event in Miami, with great support from town staff.

And how about last Wednesday evening’s Halloween event in downtown Globe, where the number of participants and their fantastic costumes were enough to begin to take its toll on my camera. Globe City Council and the services departments deserve a very special thanks for the well-run and coordinated event, in which it was made sure that there was plenty of candy by magically having at those stations that were running low have a fresh supply of goodies magically appear.

Yes, I say we have started this Thanksgiving season early.

Thanks to all.

Jose (Angel) Medina Sr., Miami

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