CVRMC installs new 3D mammography machine

Gina Wiley, CVRMC mammography tech, and Marilynn Rasmussen, breast cancer survivor, pose in front of the new 3D mammography machine.

Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center has purchased and installed a new 3D mammogram machine which is the gold standard in early breast cancer detection. Breast cancer remains one of the most common types of cancer among women in the U.S. and the second leading cause of cancer-related death in women.  However, death rates from breast cancer have declined since the 1980s, largely due to improvements in diagnostic technology, awareness and education, and improved treatment options.

“I am a breast cancer survivor and to know that this type of technology is in my home town, gives me such a sense of security and peace. I am reassured knowing that if there is something to find, chances are far greater this machine will find it,” stated Marilynn Rasmussen just before entering the mammo room as the first patient to use this technology at CVRMC.

Gina (Virginia) Wiley, CVRMC mammography tech, has been steadfast in helping women, and men, move through mammo procedures for 37 years. “The images this machine puts out are amazing. I have seen technology evolve through the years, but this technology is changing how soon women can be treated if cancer is found. The key is to be consistent in your yearly mammograms and breast examinations.” She continues, “Every person is different and every breast is different. This new technology comes with a curved paddle which provides more comfort for the patient.”

3D Mammography, also called tomosynthesis, allows the radiologist to view the breast images in high detail. “The standard 2D mammograms are like looking at chapters in a book.  With 3D, we see every page,” Gina concludes.

Marilynn, accompanied to the hospital by her husband Jim Rasmussen, spoke about their history. “My husband lost his first wife to breast cancer and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, it was devastating to him and I worried about his emotional state.” Cancer is relentless and does not only reside in the patient but affects all those that love the patient, too.

“I want the very best care with the best technology possible for my peace of mind as well as for my family.”


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