Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center: Part 3

The graph (right) displays the criteria and results of the site study performed by Breckenridge Group Architects and Planners.

The two sites, the McSpadden Property (Site 3) and the BHP Billiton Property (Site 4), both met the original criteria set forth by the Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center Board (CVRAC) — both sites were regional, accessible, visible, and acquirable.

The CVRAC Board reached out to the community through community presentations and surveys.

After holding over 40 community presentations and receiving 400 surveys containing input from the community, the results were 66 percent in favor of the BHP Billiton site, 31 percent in favor of the McSpadden site, and 3 percent not making a choice. The CVRAC Board then reviewed the comments made in the surveys.

There were many pros and cons listed about both sites. The CVRAC Board took into consideration the highest score of the Breckenridge Study, survey results, and what the properties could look like in the future with other recreation opportunities for our communities. The BHP Billiton site was chosen by the CVRMC Board.

Ballard King & Associates, a contracted group by Breckenridge, provided a very comprehensive Market Analysis of the service area including demographics such age, households and incomes, households and expenditures, spending potential, entertainment and recreation expenditures, population growth, tapestry segmentation, swimming participation rates, anticipated participation for swimming, frequency for swimming, and much more detailed demographic information as compared to state and national data.

Specific activities were also addressed in the Market Analysis, followed by the market segments, which would be part of, and served by, the Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center.