Charlie Steen: First Ranger at Tonto National Forest

Charlie Steen

Due to the U.S. Government shut-down, the Wednesday Hardscrabble program on Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 6:30 p.m. at Bullion Plaza Cultural Center and Museum, “Tonto Basin Astronomy” by Tonto National Monument Education Technician Jennifer Smith, has been replaced with “Charlie Steen: First Ranger at Tonto National Forest,” to be given by volunteer Will Moore.

Will Moore will present a biographical sketch of Charlie Steen, the first Park Service ranger at Tonto National Monument. He will explore Charlie’s work in the 1930s and 40s to preserve, protect and interpret the archaeology at Tonto and several other national monuments in the southwest.

Moore is serving his eighth winter season as a volunteer at Tonto National Monument. His work at Tonto has included research and presentations on several topics related to archaeological exploration and preservation in the southwest.

Jennifer Smith’s presentation on “Tonto Basin Astronomy” will be re-scheduled when the U.S. Government shut-down is lifted.

Wednesday Hardscrabble are monthly programs given collaboratively by Gila County Historical Museum in Globe and Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Museum in Miami. The programs are always free, although donations help to offset the cost of utilities, and help to bring more p


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