Cat Rescue in crisis: Volunteer cat lovers needed

The High Desert Humane Society Cat Rescue is in a crisis situation. The volunteers are overwhelmed with kittens and need help. Newborns are arriving daily, and many are needing to be bottle-fed. Some of our locals just walk in, leave a box of kittens, and walk out.

At present there are over 40 kittens and at least 20 adults to care for. All we need is four people willing to volunteer only four hours per week. This seem like so little to ask but we have been begging for a long time.

This time of year is always bad as it is kitten season. It would be tragic to close our rescue for lack of interest from the community.

If you could give a little of your time, please call Debbie at 928-812-4097 or stop in at the rescue and talk to Lynne. You will be saving lives and you will sleep well knowing you helped.

Submitted by Cheryl Brazell, HDHS


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