Buckhead Mesa Landfill approaching capacity

GLOBE — Invitation for bids No. 121217 for the Phase 3 expansion of the Buckhead Mesa landfill was authorized on Tuesday, Jan. 23 at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

Steve Sanders addressed the board on the issue of the landfill nearing capacity. Sanders stated the landfill is expected to meet capacity sometime in the summer 2018. The plan for expansion has been on the books for a number of years. The expansion will cap in 5-7 years and then will require Gila County to have a new site to continue to collect municipal solid waste to dispose of for the northern part of the county. They have already started discussions with the Forest Service to acquire land around the Buckhead Mesa Landfill as it’s on a special use permit from the Tonto National Forest. Plans and specs have already been developed and ready to go out to bid.

Supervisor Tim Humphrey asked what happens when a landfill reaches capacity, what happens to it? Does it go back to the forest service? Can they plant trees on it?

Sanders said that there is very restrict requirements from ADEQ, one is a three foot impervious layer with a cap.  A closer plan is submitted to ADEQ for review. The county is also responsible for post closure care up to 30 years which Gila County has put money away for that purpose.

The board of Supervisors adopted Order No. LL-17-06 to approve the liquor license for Gila “Hogs BBQ and More” located in Rye.

The board adopted Resolution No. 18-01-01 in support of the Ray Land Exchange/Plan Amendment between American Smelting and Refining Company and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management that has been ongoing for 23 years. It has been a benefit for the communities and the mines. James Stewart from ASARCO was present to answer any questions the board might have.

Supervisor Tommie Martin commented that is has been going on for years and she is happy to be do this and hope it helps.

Stewart appreciates the support

October 2015, Blackstone Security was hired but armed security personnel were not easily found. This contract has one armed guard and one unarmed guard.  Now, there are metal detector wands and searches of personal belongings in place of an x-ray and magnetometer machine. The new bid will ask for 2 armed guards at the entrance of both the Payson and Globe Court House. The board authorized the advertisement of Notice of Request for Proposals No. 120617.

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