Miami volleyball wins match 3-0 over San Carlos

Susanne Jerome/Arizona Silver Belt San Carlos Braves dig for the ball.

Miami beat San Carlos 3 sets to 0 in the varsity game on Tuesday Sept. 14, after they prevailed in the Freshman and Junior Varsity games.

The Freshmen split the first two sets Miami winning the first, 25-13. San Carlos the second with a score of 25-13. The third set went to Miami 15-17, and the game went to Miami 3-2.

Miami’s Junior Varsity took their game 2-0, 25-20 and 25-20.

The Varsity match-up was more even than the scores reflect. The Braves went ahead for good (well, almost for good) when the score was 5-5 by breaking the Vandal #3 Cheyenne Lee’s serve. Sonya Upshaw brought the Braves’ lead to 6. Lee served again and lost a point, after which San Carlos #19 Ariel Haozous brought the score to 8-16. Miami gained a point. Then Vandal #5 Adrianna Marinez served six points, and the large Brave lead evaporated. With the score 16-17 the braves were only one point ahead when the serve went to the Vandals. But the Vandals didn’t actually tie the game until the score was 23-23, and Vandals #3 Cheyenne Lee was serving. She served for another two points winning the game 25-23. Brave Ariel Haozous was prominent serving and at the net at the net, and servers Sonnaya Upshaw and Shania Cassa kept the Braves lead alive until the last two points.

But Adrianna Martinez’s serve spurred the Vandal comeback aided by striker Madison Palmer and her digging, setting and point saving teammates. Cheyenne Lee then got the ball over the net four times to end the game with a Miami victory.

The second game went all the Vandal way and was a mirror of the first game without a last minute surge by the Braves. Although Summer Logan did reduce the Vandal lead by two (23-20) before losing her serve and a vital point, and Vandal #3 Cheyenne Lee served the point that won the game 25-23.

The third game also went to the Vandals 25-15.

The Vandals stand #3 in 2A South with victories over Superior, Globe, San Miguel and San Carlos.

Their next home game will be Oct. 8 against Globe.


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