Walk for Hope in Globe, March 2

This is the fourth annual walk that invites everyone to join in taking a stand against the war of drugs. We address all things that cause hopelessness.... more


Engine noise and excessive speed through Globe

Semi-trucks, tractor trailers, big rigs (whatever you call them) are traveling too fast through Globe.... more


Copp family thanks community

The family of Darlene Copp would like to thank you, each and every one, for the prayers, phone calls, flowers, food contributions and services bestowed on us in our time of loss.... more


A Catholic view of St. Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day to a Catholic recognizes the sacredness or preciousness of marriage in the Catholic Church.... more


Honor Ed Pastor

Miami, Ariz., should honor Ed Pastor, our hometown boy who has done so much for our state and at the White House in Washington, DC.... more