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Animal Care and Control: ‘We’re hiring’ and yes, the job can be rewarding

Gila County Animal Care and Control has a dedicated staff, but there’s too much work -- and they’re hiring. Find the complete job description, and convenient online application, at gilacountyaz.gov.

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Midnight Cicadas represent the future of robotics

For the Midnight Cicadas, Globe Unified School District’s robotics team, the competition is fierce and the road to achievement is inevitable.

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Can’t adopt a new dog? Donate Dog Food!

Gila County Animal Care and Control has nearly a dozen dogs available for adoption -- from cute pups to loving and loyal adults -- but if you can’t make a Christmas wish come true by adding one of these adorable canines to your home, you can still help today, by donating bags of dry dog food.

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Eat healthy be active: Learning how to eat healthy on a budget

Those who attend all of Dietitian Tamara Scott’s “Eat healthy Be Active workshops will get more than a neat way to carry a salad to lunch without withering the salad with the dressing.

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