Youth Basketball at Burdette Hall

Susanne Jerome/San Carlos Apache Moccasin Pictured is game 5 Tune Squad vs Carmens Squad

On July 2, the last day of the Youth Tournament at Burdette Hall, the eight years-old and under played a brisk five team, double elimination tournament.

Carmen’s Squad came out on top with three straight wins over the LIL Chiefs, the Tune Squad and the second place, Thunder Hawks. The Hawks and the Tune Squad traded wins with the Tunes winning the first game and the Hawks, the second throwing the Tune Squad into third place.

Native warriors lost to the LIL Chiefs and the Hawks but not before scoring some good-looking baskets.

After playing together for three years, the basketball skills of Carmen’s Squad and other teams were coming along. Players on all teams usually dribbled, evading defenders very deftly and only occasionally running with the ball like football players intent on a touchdown.

They dashed down court in true Rez Ball style for lay ups. Or they thoughtfully fed the ball to open players who calmly sunk their baskets. The also tied up the ball into densely intertwined puppy piles in their fierce determination. Some of the most skillful players were the tiniest, throwing the whole of their bodies into shots.

Is there a future B.J. Buries among the teams? Could be.


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