Villa earns Senior Masters Technician

Cassie Tafoya/Arizona Silver Belt Ford representative Mitch Peickens, Isaac Villa, Kimberly, and Udon McSpadden.

McSpadden Ford acknowledged the accomplishments of their newest Senior Master Technician Isaac Villa on Wednesday, Jan. 22. Villa has spent over 550 hours of Ford training to achieve this excellence. There are to date only 191 technicians in the Phoenix Region who holds this status.

The Phoenix Region is made up of Arizona, New Mexico and Las Vegas.

Villa received a Master’s Trophy, senior master plaque and other items as part of his recognition.

Villa has achievements in Chasis Master retention, Drivetrain master retention and Engine master retention to receive Senior Master Achievement.

As vehicle technology progresses, it requires increased levels of knowledge and skill for technicians to effectively complete advanced diagnostic and repair operations. Only technicians who have gone to the greatest lengths in Ford training are designated as Senior Master Technicians. Villa is one of two Senior Master Technician in Globe and both work at McSpadden Ford.

Udon McSpadden said that “this is a big honor and appreciates Isaac’s hard work he put in to accomplish this award.”

Kimberly McSpadden added that “it’s incredible that Isaac began as a lube tech at McSpadden and in five years is now a Master Technician.”

Mitch Pickens on behalf of Ford presented Isaac Villa with his award. Villa was also joined by his family Jeanette Castillo and Ivy Villa and fellow employees to celebrate.


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