Vandals defeat St. Augustine to win 2A South conference

Susanne Jerome/Arizona Silver Belt The Miami Vandals defeated St. Augustine Catholic High School 61-45 to win the 2A South conference.

The Miami Vandals laid waste to St. Augustine Catholic High School 61-45 to win the 2A South conference 61-45. The game was pretty even in the first third of the game with the Augustine Wolves ahead by 2 at the end of the first quarter. But with 3:48 left in the second quarter, Escobedo and the gang got going raising the Vandal lead to 15 points. Thomas Reyna, Augustine’s top scorer fought back. Bringing the Vandal lead down to 9 with 3:51 left in the third quarter.

Jayden Goss came up with 2 baskets vs. 2 by Reyna for Augustine, after which Escobedo, Perry and Riddle scored 7 points to Reyna’s 2 points to bring the Vandal lead into the double digits. Score: 52-41 with 5:01 left in the final quarter.

ThenEscobedo, Perry and Riddle went at it again scoring 11 points between them against 4 points for Augustine. Score: 60-45. From there, It was all over but a Wolf three pointer and a Miami free throw to make the final score 61-48.

Augustine’s star, Thomas Reyna scored 20 points only 2 less than Escobedo, but he stood alone and apparently got tired whereas Escobedo had lots of help. Tanner Perry, Miami’s 5’5” dynamo, put in 12 points. Matt Riddle scored 10 points in baskets including an occasional free throw, Brady Bartholomew put in 6 points, Michael Troglia was good for 5 points, Jaden Goss sunk 4 points and Matt Mejia sunk 2 points.

But it was not only shooting that advanced the Vandal cause, as when Matt Riddle neatly harvested the ball from an unfortunate Augustine shooter 1343 44. The height of Miami’s 6 six footers was a real help. Miami plays San Carlos in the play-in for the State Championship at Miami on Feb. 19.


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