Vandal War Cry digitally publishes August issue

Miami High School Journalism Class Zoom meeting.

Miami - Despite the overwhelming change in normal living and schooling, Miami High School was able to digitally publish the August issue of its school newspaper, the Vandal War Cry.

The school newspaper is produced by the journalism class at Miami, and is advised by teacher Marc Marin. His class consists of first-year journalism students, Alicia Garcia, Justin Cook, Josephine Klindt, and Ann Mary Terrence, and third-year journalism students, Shelby Wampole and Mackenzie Weaver. Every student in the class exceeded Marin’s expectations and hopes for the August issue, as they were able to complete 11 articles in three weeks, and the paper itself was designed and put together in just a few days.

“I was hoping we would publish at least a four-page, online edition of the Vandal War Cry during the first month of the school year,” said Marin. “Thanks to the hard work of our Journalism students, we were able to accomplish that goal.”

Miami students, staff and alumni were very pleased with the publication. The Vandal War Cry staff did not release their August issue in print, but it was published on the Miami website. The staff plans to do a print edition for the September issue.

A majority of the class is first-year students, and even though they are brand new to the concept of journalism writing and reporting, they seem to be having a great experience with having an audience.

“Before we started school, I was nervous for this class in particular, because I didn’t know much about it. Now that we’re a few weeks into school, I’ve come to find that it’s one of my favorite classes,” said Klindt. “Having a voice in the school newspaper is the best part. I really like that this class hones my ability to write, and that others can read my articles.”

Miami’s journalism class plans on publishing a print edition of the Vandal War Cry every month for the rest of the 2020-21 school year, starting in September. The newspaper is usually included in the local Arizona Silver Belt, and is published online at The class also encourages letters to the editor; email [email protected] for any comments, suggestions, or story ideas.


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