Turney arrested May 7 at Round Mountain Park

At 6:12 a.m. Tuesday, May 7, the Globe Police Department was dispatched to a suspicious activity call about a man walking around at the Round Mountain Park in his underwear. 

It was reported by an off duty Department of Public Safety Trooper, who said that he had contacted the man who was now in his vehicle at the park entrance.

Officers contacted the subject, identified as Charles Turney, who admitted to using Methamphetamine earlier that morning. 

The Globe K-9 alerted on Turney’s vehicle, where drug paraphernalia and a usable amount of dangerous drugs were found. 

The investigation identified two additional victims who had been victimized by Turney’s behavior while walking in the park and wished to press charges of disorderly conduct.

Turney was arrested and booked for possession of dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Additional charges for disorderly conduct will also be submitted to the Gila County Attorney’s Office for review and charging.

The case is still pending further follow-up investigation.


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