Turn the Tables movie starts filming in Miami

The film Turn the Tables written by Dale Baker and Herschel Medlin started filming at Bullion Plaza Museum earlier this week

Turn the Tables, a coming of age movie, started filming in Miami early this week. Writers Dale Baker and Herschel Medlin grew up in the Globe-Miami area and wanted to put together a movie about growing up in their hometown.

The movie is set in 1991 and the central focus includes two rogue cowboy, high school DJs and their struggle to leave a musical legacy behind in their hometown, before joining the Marines. The only thing standing in their way is a rival DJ crew hell-bent on their destruction and of course, teen heartbreak.

Turn the Tables will be filmed all through the Globe-Miami area, with Bullion Plaza and Dream Manor Inn as stopping points. The majority of the actors involved are from the Phoenix area.

The movie is produced by Tolga Katas and Phil Edelstein. For more information on the film visit their facebook page under Turn The Tables or visit www.turnthetablesmovie.com.


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