Turn around, don’t drown: Stay away from flooded and flowing waterways

Courtesy photo/ Ryliegh Justice Roadway flooding

Over the Fourth of July weekend, the annual monsoon season began throughout Arizona.

These storms and all that follow for the next couple of years will directly impact our communities in the Copper Corridor region.

The 2021 monsoon season and any significant rain events that follow have a very real potential to be life-threatening and disastrous in our region, due to the aftereffects and burn scar left in the wake of the Telegraph Fire that consumed over 180,000 acres of vegetation and forest.

The recent storms were a relatively small, isolated rain event in the grand scheme of potential rainfall probabilities. The majority of this rain event occurred in the Pinal Mountains, with very little rainfall in the downtown area. However, our waterways rapidly filled with swift running black water and debris. This event was unusual and likely a bizarre phenomenon for most. Some 15 homes, water crossings, bridges and culverts sustained damage to varying degrees.

Curiosity over this unusual event had hundreds of people coming out to witness the creeks running at capacity with some overflow. Motorists could be seen stopping on bridges and at water crossings to videotape the event, likely to share footage on social media. Countless pedestrians stood on 100-year-old bridges that were nearly overflowing while others stood at the banks of Pinal Creek, which was near or at capacity.

The City of Globe and our neighboring community leaders are pleading with everyone to be smart and seek higher ground when alerts of rain and imminent flooding are sounded. This past rain event was but a small sample of what might be coming, and our first concern, as always, is the safety of everyone in our communities.

When hundreds of curious people flock to areas adjacent to the waterways, this makes police, fire, and public works vehicles and heavy equipment difficult to maneuver, and it hinders their ability to do their jobs. It puts those in attendance at risk of injury and even death.

Please stay away from flooded and flowing waterways, sign up with Everbridge for alerts at readygila.com, listen to the alerts and follow directions, and seek higher ground in a flood event.



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