Tri-City thankful for Open House

Letter to the Editor:

Tri-City Fire District would like to thank the following companies and people for their support and donations. 

Without them this year’s Open House wouldn’t have been such a success.

 Thank you for supporting what we do:

McSpadden Ford, Jon Nock, Guayo’s on the Trail, Haven Health Care, Dollar General, Little Caesars, Irene’s, HWY 60, Copper Hen, Holiday Inn Express, Ace Hardware, Pinal Lumber, Globe Fire, MV Enterprises, Debra Freeland, Lark Frary.

And a very special thank you to  Mike and Peggy Lavin of Gila Sweeping for the donation of cleaning the street in front of the Fire Station for this event every year. 

We truly appreciate all of  you.

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