Tri-City Regional Sanitary District opposition

EDITOR: I would like to thank all of the residents of Tri-City and concerned residents of Globe and Miami who have come forward to voice opposition to the current TRSD project.

The camaraderie around this issue highlights neighborly care and concern for the Globe-Miami community as a whole. We have truly unified to help our neighbors stand against this ridiculously expensive and nonsensical project that will ultimately affect the community as a whole.

USDA has earmarked $26 million to address wastewater issues in Tri-City District and need to uphold that promise while working on a more cost-effective solution. USDA’s fiscal year ends Sept. 30 of each year, thus no reason for the rushing, bullying, threats and intimidation to convince residents to either accept the current project or lose the funding.

Documents provided by USDA and TRSD’s engineer state that they will discuss partnership and cost-savings with Miami and Globe “after” they build Phase I of their project. Phase I includes the wastewater treatment plant, several lift stations, and miles of duplicate infrastructure, pumping waste uphill. A third wastewater treatment plant in our small community is not needed, as both Globe and Miami have excess capacity that can be utilized, which will save tens of millions of dollars. There is no cost savings after Phase I is built.

If you’re concerned about USDA and TRSD spending your money without your approval, now is the time to contact Congressman O’Halloran at 928-286-5338, and USDA State Director J.C. Sherman at 602-280-8701. A neutral third-party engineering review is needed. The estimated $10,000 review will either give credence to the USDA supported PACE Engineering PER or confirm what so many of us believe: a third wastewater plant is not needed. Ten thousand dollars to save property owners millions is a wise investment.

You do not need to be a resident of Tri-City to voice your concern. As a community, we’re all affected by this project.

Fred Barcón is owner and president of Barconcorp, a general engineering and construction firm in Globe and a board member of the Gila County Industrial Development Authority.


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