Town of Miami welcomes new police chief

From left, new Miami Chief of Police Israel Juarez and former Interim Chief Virgil Dodd. Juarez takes the Miami post with about 12 years law enforcement experience with the Glendale Police Department.


The Town of Miami has welcomed a new police chief, who was introduced at the Oct. 8 regular council meeting. 

Chief Israel Juarez takes the post “with enthusiasm and hope,” after about 12 years of law enforcement experience with the Glendale Police Department. 

After an introduction by former Interim Chief Virgil Dodd, Juarez began by saying, “Good evening fellow council members, fellow employees and members of the community.” 

He went on to thank Gila County Sheriff J. Adam Shepherd. 

“His assistance, along with his agency, was very vital to the Miami Police Department’s day-to-day operations, and we are very grateful for that assistance and cooperation received,” Juarez said. 

Juarez introduced himself as currently a Town of Miami employee as well as a resident. 

“I recently participated in the chief of police hiring process and was ultimately selected for the position,” he said. “I accepted the position with enthusiasm and hope that with hard work, accountability, drive, integrity and desire, we will change the public perception and effectiveness of the Miami Police Department.” 

“Some of you may ask how, as the chief of police, I will change that perception,” Juarez said. “Well, we must start from the bottom and work our way to the top.” 

Juarez then listed the topics he plans to review and change. They are: 

Law enforcement role and authority; 

Organization and administration; 

General, patrol, traffic and investigation operations; 


Support services; 

Custody; and 


“These topics are, in themselves, very extensive and challenging,” Juarez said. “I view them all personal challenges of mine and I am confident with the support of the council, town manager and community, I will address each and every topic. In turn, I am confident this will re-structure 

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