Town of Miami gives thanks

Courtesy photo Town of Miami cleaning up after devastating flood.

On behalf of the Town of Miami, thank you to everyone who helped and is helping our community recover from the devastating flooding caused by the Telegraph Fire. First and foremost we thank Town of Miami staff, who responded with courage and resolve. Their work ethic and servant leadership inspire me each day. Next, we thank the steady leadership of the Miami Town Council. Your leadership through this crisis should be a model for all Arizona Cities and Towns to follow.

In addition to Town staff, we thank all the residents and volunteers who simply picked up a shovel and answered the call. You didn’t do it for attention. You did it because it was the right thing to do. Miami is a better place because of you.

Last but certainly not least, we thank all who volunteered time, provided resources and continue to help our resilient community. No State official came to Miami to see the devastation of the post-fire flooding. If they did, they would have seen a resilient, community-led approach. The speed of our response is due to our wonderful community and everyone who continues to support us. 

Thank you to the Town of Superior, Town of Clifton, City of Globe, Gila County, Arizona Department of Transportation, Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management, Alfonso Delgado and employees, Oddonetto Construction, MLC Contracting, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Globe, AZ), Hope Community Church (Queen Creek, AZ), American Legion, Gust-Rosenfeld PLC, Dixson Materials, DJ’s, 5D Mining, Connie Olvera, Michael Twenty-Three, Al Gameros, San Carlos Apache Tribe, Guayo’s El Rey, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Four Winds, Arizona Public Service, Arizona Water Company, Southwest Gas, Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce, ServPro Phoenix, Globe-Miami United Fund, Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center, Resolution Copper, Capstone, BHP and Freeport McMoRan. 

This list may not be exhaustive. In the midst of the chaos, we did our best to capture information from donors, supporters and volunteers. If I missed anyone, it is not intentional. Your contribution was a godsend, and we are very thankful for you. 

Our work is far from over. Over the next years, Miami and Globe may experience more post-fire flash flooding. Miami continues to take aggressive steps to mitigate the impacts of post-fire flooding, like clearing debris from washes, cleaning drains and culverts, providing sandbags to residents, repairing washed-out roads, and removing muck from roads and sidewalks. I ask for your continued support to the Miami and Globe communities during these trying times.

Thank you all,

Micah Gaudet

Town Manager, Miami, AZ