Tigers look good on first day of Copper Cities Tournament

On the first day of the Copper Cities Tournament in San Carlos, Globe was able to strut their stuff in the face of both their opponents.

In the second game against Scottsdale Prep, after disposing of their first victims the Ray Bearcats. BJ Burries started things off by taking the tip from Daniel Widner and going only so far as halfway between center court and the 3-point line before sinking his first three-pointer.

In the next few minutes he sunk two more in succession before missing. Meanwhile Scottsdale Prep sunk a basket and a three pointer of their own. Score 9-5 Tigers.

Then the Scottsdale coach had his players simply stand still for a full minute and a half on the outside in order to force the Tigers to come out and confront them. So everybody stood still for a bit until Brandon Pina and BJ came forward.

The Spartans shot and Cory Chee got the rebound. Burries missed a three pointer as did Spartan’s no. 11. Buries was fouled shooting and made both free throws. (He missed one free throw in the game.) Score 11-5.

Scottsdale Prep challenged Globe’s defense and in a tangle of hands and feet, they got the ball on a non-shooting foul. Another 3-point Spartan attempt and Widner got the rebound.

Corey Chee bobbled BJ’s pass at the top of the key for a turnover. The Spartans missed under the basket but another Spartan tipped it in. Score: 11-7. Brandon Pina scored a layup. (13-7.) Spartan no. 3 Whitly passed ball into the paws of the Tigers and BJ took the ball down for a layup. (15-7). Spartan time out. Widner put up two, and Tommy Whitly put up a three in two tries. (17-12).

Seth Perez got a rebound for the Tigers. BJ missed a three, a Spartan missed a two and the first quarter was over. Buries scored 13 points. Pina and Widner each scored a basket.

In the second quarter the Globe percentage of victory held as it did in the next quarter. Three Globe Points for every Spartan point.

In the fourth quarter, the Spartans did a bit better making 18 points to 21 points for the Tigers, but Coach Simmons had been shifting players in and out as the outcome was more or less sealed in the first half.

Burries scored a whopping 48 points, but Chee got 18. Daniel Widner, in addition to scarfing a lot of rebounds scored 15 points.

Their next game is against San Carlos at San Carlos High School and looks favorable for Globe. Their outlook for state looks good if they can get past Valley Christian, a team that they have lost to twice.


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